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Objectively quantify brain white matter abnormalities in your patients.
Win time, boost accuracy, improve patient care.

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Confidently evaluate brain structural changes with the highest accuracy.
Increase sensitivity, augment detection, improve patient care.

T1 MRI image with overlays

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MS, DM and TBI reports FDA cleared and CE marked

icobrain quantifies clinically relevant brain structures in individual patients
with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, dementia and traumatic brain injury.

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Improved patient outcomes by better monitoring

Reduced time on suboptimal treatment for multiple sclerosis patients

3.9 years
1.2 years
The inclusion of FLAIR abnormalities and brain volume changes in treatment decisions increases the chance of detecting suboptimal treatments with a factor of 3.1 [1]. This corresponds with a reduction of the average time on a suboptimal treatment from 3.9 to 1.3 years [2].
[1] Rojas et al., Neurological Research 2014;37(7).
[2] Rio et al., European Journal of Neurology 2012;19:899–904.

What our customers say

Image of Dr. Max Wintermark

Dr. Max Wintermark

"Like icobrain, brain biomarker measurements need to be extremely reproducible and sensitive enough to detect relevant clinical changes."

Professor of Radiology and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, USA
Image of Dr. Vitazoslav Belan

Dr. Vitazoslav Belan

"icobrain provides reliable MRI analysis allowing me to instantly track the disease progression of our patients with a neurological disorder."

Head Doctor at Dr. Magnet Kramare, Pro Diagnostic Group, Slovakia
Image of Dr. Shilpa Sankhe

Dr. Shilpa Sankhe

"We use icobrain for quantifying lesions on our routine MRIs. In this work, the analysis of icometrix serves as an unbiased second-opinion."

Neuroradiologist at Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Center, India

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