icometrix welcomes world-leading radiology experts to medical advisory board

LEUVEN, Belgium, and Chicago, IL, USA - MAY 29, 2018 - icometrix, the world leader leveraging artificial intelligence to obtain clinically meaningful data from brain MRI scans, is pleased to announce the formation of its medical advisory board. Joining this newly formed board are:

  • Dr. Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD, FACR
    President of the medical advisory board
    Vice President and Medical Director Eastern Operations, Director of MRI, CT and Advanced Imaging at RadNet
  • Prof. Dr. Max Wintermark, MD
    Professor of Radiology and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center
  • Dr. Blake Johnson, MD, FACR
    Director of Neuroimaging at Center for Diagnostic Imaging
  • Prof. Dr. Alex Rovira, MD
    Professor of Radiology at Autonomous University of Barcelona
    Head of MRI and Neuroradiology at University Hospital Vall d'Hebron

The medical advisory board will work with icometrix to transform patient care of people with neurological diseases. With the CE-marked and FDA-cleared icobrain portfolio being used globally to aid the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, dementia and traumatic brain injury, icometrix is currently experiencing a phase of rapid growth. icometrix and will draw on the experience and knowledge of these experts to ensure that the icobrain portfolio can as seamlessly and effortlessly as possible support physicians in their daily practice.

“We are proud to have these leading neuroradiologists by our side who share our vision to help extract clinically important information from brain MRI scans that might otherwise have been missed by the naked eye. We are confident that these experts can guide us to reach as many radiologists as possible to ultimately make an important change in the lives of the patients they help.” says Dr. Wim Van Hecke, CEO of icometrix.

Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum, Vice President and Medical Director Eastern Operations, Director of MRI, CT and Advanced Imaging at RadNet, agrees: “Radiology, and healthcare more broadly, is changing rapidly. I am looking forward to working with the icometrix team and their cutting edge technology to assist radiologists around the world for the benefit of their patients.”

About icometrix

icometrix (Leuven, Belgium; Chicago, IL, USA) is the world leader in software solutions to obtain clinically meaningful data from brain MRI scans. The fully automated icobrain software is FDA cleared and has market approval in Europe, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Australia. Today, the icobrain software is used in 100+ hospitals and icometrix works with the largest health tech and pharmaceutical companies on the evaluation of drug trials for neurological diseases.

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